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Radix NFT Collection

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Root Materials is a collection of 200 unique 3D renders of the Radix symbol inspired by the first ever Radix NFT. Each was individually made using my favorite materials I’ve built up in my digital art collection.

There are only 200 NFTs in the collection to contrast other NFT projects offering 1000s of editions. There is no intentional rarity, although there are some techniques or elements you may see more frequently and some only once such as generative styles, hairs, particles, metals, and emitters and bump/ displacement affected materials. There are some Easter Eggs and sets distributed throughout too!


On the release of Babylon, the collection will be made available as NFTs on Radix and distributed to their rightful owners. All orders are processed manually, so your patience is greatly appreciated.

Who Made This?

My name is Kaz and by day, I'm engineering sustainable energy solutions like microgrids, voltage technologies and energy trading protocols in Scotland. By night, I'm experimenting with 3D modelling and large data sets to create novel visual representations for small tech companies.

Since learning about Radix last year, I’ve been looking for any opportunity to become more involved in the network. With the rise of some truly awesome proto-NFT projects (#scroplife - now sold out, holy sh*t!), I wanted to offer something that reflected my enthusiasm for Radix and add to the excitement for what’s to come in Babylon.

Have a question, want to collaborate, or just chat?

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