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Root Material wallet address:


Original Price: 250 XRD each

There's only 200 NFTs in the collection - and will only ever be 200. Maximum one wallet can own is 5 Root Materials (2.5% of supply).


This may be premature, but I think you should always be able to trade anything you own in crypto. This is a manual system similar to the process for buying, but with corroboration between two parties and the Root Material wallet acting as escrow. A 10% fee will be taken for the process.

  1. Buyers and sellers should organise the sale privately, agreeing the Material # and price.
  2. The buyer will need to send the agreed sale price in XRD to the Root Materials wallet with the following comment: “BUYING Root Material #XXXX from rdx1234567”
  3. The seller will need to send a ROOT token to the Root Material wallet with the following comment: “SELLING Root Material #XXXX - Price XXX XRD - to rdx1234567”
  4. If the buyer’s price and requested Material # match with sellers Material # and asking price, then the sale will be approved.

If there is an issue with the transaction such as price and Material # not matching or the seller not owning the Material # being sold, funds will be returned to the buyer and a transaction will be sent to both parties with a comment that the sale was not approved.

All efforts will be taken to resolve any issues and ensure fairness.